Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas shopping...done!

I started my Christmas shopping a little later than usual this seemed to creep up so quickly! Here's a run down of some of the awesome stuff we got for friends and family this year. I can't tell you what I got the Boy, as there is a danger he might read this. Maybe after Christmas.

My mum: Bridesmaids DVD which I hope won't give her a heart attack, Hairy Dieter's cookbook - she's been doing WeightWatchers and has lost 4.5 stone since last October so will need some inspiration to keep up the good work! On behalf of my sister, who is in Australia for the year, I got Champneys Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Hand Lotion which mum adores and I'm hoping to sneak a little trial on Christmas day when she's opened it.

My Dad: Bradley Wiggins' biography and some cycling gloves. My dad is an obsessive cyclist, it's a 40 year love affair. He used to race with Bradley's dad, and also won the fire brigade world championship in 1983. He's had two accidents this year, having fractured his pelvis in March and then in October, he came off again in the final sprint of a race, and has been in a backbrace up until now. In the new year, he'll be looking forward to getting back on the bike.Maybe I'll get him some stabilisers too.

My fiancĂ© got some really nice gifts at the Seven Dials shopping event a couple of weeks ago, where there was 20% off at nearly all the shops (and where we also splurged at Superdry as per my earlier post). For his brother, he got this amazing t-shirt from Super Superficial. It's so incredibly random, it was just begging to be bought, I am looking forward to seeing his face when he opens it.

For his cousin's little ones, who are 2 and 4 years old, we got this gorgeous stamp set from Magma. They love dinosaurs and we thought it was adorable, and a bargain at £15 instead of £20.
Also in Magma, we picked up this gorgeous print by Katie Viggers for his mum, who loves foxes. Katie's work is beautiful, and I've just found out she has a blog about children's books, which is delightful, and going on my Google Reader instantly.
Speaking of Google, I am also very excited as I have ordered a new phone. I had the good fortune of winning a BlackBerry a few months ago with free credit for a year, but after 2 years on Android prior to that, I have realised I just can't do BlackBerry again. I am getting a Samsung S3 Mini and included in my contract package is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, so I really can't wait to  get hold of these so I can start playing with them! I popped into the store earlier on the offchance that they would be ready to collect but alas, it wasn't meant to be. A couple more days on BlackBerry it is then.

We had a burrito each at Chipotle Islington today and it was delicious. I am a real Mexican food lover, and the burrito was probably overkill after last night's chilli pie (make a chilli con carne, then use flour tortillas as lasagne sheets, and bake with loads of cheese- delicious) but I could not resist a burrito for lunch. We usually go to Chilango, but in an effort to try new places we chose to Chipotle instead and it didn't disappoint. Good guac!

Tomorrow I am excited to be going to a quote-along screening of Mean Girls at the Prince Charles Cinema tomorrow, followed by a Christmas lunch with my friends in our flat. It's going to be SO FETCH.